How to Take Photos of Your Artwork on Instagram

A bad shot may drastically destroy the image that a photograph conveys, even giving the impression that it is a picture that Instagram’s rules would block many people from viewing because of how it seems.

I always make sure to follow these simple criteria when photographing my work.

Natural lighting should always be used while taking images. In my last apartment, I was aware that the balcony provided perfect lighting for nighttime photography. On the new one, I have yet to find a suitable place and time for me.

The color white should be white. I’d never submitted a photo to Instagram without first adjusting the white balance in the app’s settings. When this happens, the saturation and contrast get subdued, so I alter those settings as well.

Change the background, but don’t go crazy because the art itself should be the focal point of the show. It is useful for me to look at the work that is stored in Instagram’s drafts area, where it is represented by a small symbol. Every time it occurs in hashtags, it will look exactly like this. And whether or not your piece is successful will decide whether or not it boosts people’s interest in the issue.

Collect inspirations from different individuals and learn how other artists approach their work. There are times when a plain story presented well may be a hugely successful undertaking.

Even if you could go fancy and use a professional camera, I believe a phone camera is enough for most scenarios. Particularly given that they now own such cameras. This was taken using my iPhone in portrait mode, and the second was taken at night in the light of a lamp with no modifications.

Composition, like drawing, is one of the most significant components of a photograph. Despite the fact that sketching is a related hobby, all of these ideas may be applied to photography.

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